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Maroc Telecom Headquarters Maintenance

City : Rabat, Morocco
Year : 2013
Transparent Media Façade Surface : 1 700 sqm
Wall Washing Surface : 7 900 sqm
Architect : Jean-Paul Viguier
Lighitng Designer : MC2

During the construction of its new headquarters, Maroc Telecom decided to be the first company in Africa to have a Media Facade. Created especially for this project, it is divided in two parts :

  • The Transparent LED Media Façade installed on the “crown” of the tower allows high resolution displays. Aluminium frames were glued to the outside glass of the double-skin facade, equipped with LED bars and enclosed with another glass for sealing purposes.
  • The Wall-washing LED lighting installed on the “body” of the tower allows low resolution displays and highlights. RGB LED projectors has been installed at the bottom and at the top of each window, inside the double skin facade, and lights the aluminium curtains.
  • Luminous dots with intensity variations installed on the museum facade. LED projectors with different colors (white, amber, red) were integrated in the facade windows to enhance its particular architecture and add irregular blinking.

This project has been through an ATEX procedure with CSTB (French certification organism for buildings). LAFACADE is maintaining this Media Facade since 2015.

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